At WorkVī, we do things differently. We’re a force of highly experienced staffing and recruitment industry professionals who are passionate about exceeding the expectations of clients, vendors, contingent workers, candidates, and employees across the United States for the healthcare industry.

We believe that meaningful partnerships begin with a dedicated and caring team who can take the stress out of matching people with jobs. It’s our mission to cement ourselves as an industry leader—continually evolving, sweating the details, and showing up day after day to solve real challenges and make lives easier.

We recognize each client’s uniqueness and customize our solutions based on best practices gleaned from all industries. Our teams are empowered to make decisions, and therefore, can respond more quickly.

Why WorkVī?

We’re revolutionizing healthcare workforce solutions with smart programs that can flex and grow as needs change. We solve today’s healthcare staffing and recruitment challenges for internal and external workers while creating scalable solutions for the future.

What can a WorkVī solution include?


By adopting a new approach to healthcare workforce solutions, we can reduce program costs and flex as the market changes. We price for what you need – nothing more.


Our solutions are inclusive of all healthcare specialities—nurses, allied, locums and others—as well as non-clinical labor needs.


We deliver modular solutions, along with pricing to suit your needs. We work for you with specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals backed by research and data.


We are a pure-play, vendor-neutral, workforce solutions organization and do not recruit to fill orders ourselves. We curate local, specialized vendor panels to ensure a successful experience for everyone.


We are technology-agnostic and bring automation to support our programs. That includes worker scheduling—enabling people to easily manage their schedule—while also providing visibility into worker locations, gaps in shifts, time and expense reporting, and so much more.


We can manage compliance checks during onboarding, expiration management and audits.


We’ll help you increase hiring speed and agility with elements of personal touch and leading technologies.


We solve immediate challenges with agile resources while building solid plans for your future. Consistently doing the right things at the right time leads to broader talent pools, more engaged workers, and economies of scale.

Our Team

We are a diverse team with multi-sector experience, and our insights and approach utilizes best practices from not just clinical, but other sophisticated staffing sectors to deliver a more robust, fit for purpose solution to the healthcare industry.

Our parent company made the strategic decision to launch WorkVī Solutions to address today’s challenging labor market by bringing strategic, transformational solutions to challenge the traditional ways the healthcare industry fills their talent needs.

WorkVī engaged with Holly Erlichman, who has over 20 years of workforce solutions experience, to lead the company in developing and delivering modular programs based on best practices across clinical and non-clinical businesses. Vendor management, credentialing compliance, risk mitigation, cost management, transparency and better placements are all standard in our solutions.

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