When Covid arrived, it was very clear the Master Vendor model and healthcare talent solutions were broken and not prepared for the emergency. We found many programs were lagging or missing valuable opportunities for filling orders, new efficiencies, risk mitigation, cost savings, and visibility to deliver a better experience under one talent acquisition and management solution across all labor categories – clinical and non-clinical. 

So, we set about to make a significant change to the industry – meet healthcare systems where they are today while preparing and planning for future events and requirements as they change and created a service offering that offers advances to insights, management, and technology beyond what the industry has historically seen.   

We also saw that due to the specialized nature of clinical business, there were very few options where one service provider and one technology could support both the clinical and non-clinical needs in one seamless solution.  

Our mission was clear– access and deliver higher quality talent, in a more efficient way, yielding greater returns on your investment with cost controls while mitigating the many risks of a complex workforce.  

WorkVī Solutions’ (WorkVī) options: build it, buy it, or partner for it, and seeing how urgent the need was, we did a little bit of all to deliver technology driven, modular, contingent staffing and direct hire solutions for the healthcare industry. 

Innovation in healthcare workforce solutions 

WorkVī’s approach is to bring a strategic, transformational solution that challenges the traditional way the healthcare industry fills their talent needs through a truly vendor neutral approach and our partnership with one of the world’s top non-clinical, vendor neutral total talent solutions providersGuidant Global.

Whether a client wants a holistic program that captures any labor category or a focused clinical solution, WorkVī leverages Guidant’s expertise to bring the healthcare industry innovation and value they have not had access to in the past. 

We specialize in providing clinical vendor neutral solutions, and are led by Holly ErlichmanTotal Workforce Solutions professional with more than 25 years of experience across many sectors. Holly has worked with the Guidant leadership and delivery teams for several years and together we have created a seamless solution that blends the clinical expertise of our organization and Guidant’s Total Talent Management (MSPRPO, Direct Sourcing, and more) expertise, so our clients see just one team and one solution. 

In the face of the healthcare staffing crisis, organizations are increasingly turning to innovative solutions like WorkVī’s Modular Workforce Solutions [link to workforce solutions page]. With our unique features, commitment to quality, cost containment, and dedication to staying ahead of the curve, WorkVī is poised to meet the evolving needs of talent for healthcare organizations. 

If you missed part 1 in our series, The next big thing in healthcare workforce solutions: Why we need change, you can read it here.

To learn more about WorkVī and explore our workforce solutions, visit our website or book a personalized call to assess your workforce needs.  

WorkVī Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of PRN Health Services.