The shortage of healthcare workers was an issue before the pandemic, but now as we recover, we’re facing other issues—like higher demand (as our population lives longer), a shrinking workforce (as talent leaves), and a slower pipeline of trained people entering the workforce (due to fewer educators).

From centralized flex resources to full-service Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions, our vendor-neutral panels can help you secure the right short- or long-term workers. More choice means more control. We specialize in engaging, rationalizing, and managing high-performing staffing vendors that are diverse, compliant, and motivated to drive candidates to your location.

With neutral vendor panels that specialize in recruitment and WorkVī specializing in operations and management, our clients get the best resources in the market—not the best candidates one vendor can recruit.

We create an environment where vendors choose to support our clients with their best talent.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solutions

Since no two organizations are alike, we design and deliver a unique, modular solution for each client (sometimes even multiple programs for the same client). It is our belief that each client has a unique situation so we build programs in partnership with you that are flexible and fit for purpose.

So whether you need a vendor-neutral solution, one with a primary vendor or a direct sourcing program, we work with you to determine the best strategy and scalable solution. Together, we can meet your healthcare contingent workforce needs today and as business evolves.

  • Vendor Neutral MSP: By casting a wider net through our robust vendor panel and unbiassed solution, we’ll help you find and secure the best contingent talent, period.
  • Master Vendor MSP: In some situations, a master vendor can yield the best fulfillment results. We can manage a primary supplier with one of our partners (or yours), if that’s the model that works best for you.

Our models include dedicated program teams that works alongside your staff so we can best understand your facility and hiring manager needs and your culture to ensure the proper talent is screened and selected.

Credentialing compliance, risk mitigation, cost management, transparency and better placements are all standard in our solutions.

Flexible Resource Pools

Leveraging a flexible resource pool has become a critical aspect of healthcare worker coverage. However, this vetted, on-demand pool is more complicated for healthcare due to the unique credentialing needs of each location and facility.

We can unburden your staff by assessing, designing, deploying and managing a flexible resource pool that consists of your employees, workers we recruit, or vendors we guide to secure additional resources—all so you can deliver the healthcare services your community needs.

How do we do it? Through recruitment, screening, compliance, scheduling, payment, retention and management.

Direct Sourcing

For situations where your staffing needs are repeatable and predictable, a direct sourcing solution may be best. Direct sourcing, or as some call it Contingent RPO, embraces some of the fundamental principals of traditional RPO, but for your hourly jobs.

Our direct sourcing team helps build an exclusive employer-branded, vetted talent pool ready for contract assignments, that can be used for your flexible resource pool or your longer assignment contract work, saving you time and money.

This talent pool can be newly sourced, referrals, retirees, and alumni, and because they are part of your exclusive pool, not a staffing vendor’s, not only will this shorten your time to fill, but saves you money by not paying staffing company overhead and recruitment fees.

Direct sourcing does not need to completely replace your traditional fulfillment with staffing vendors, but can serve a complement for positions that are repetitive or hard to fill and works within your MSP solution or as a stand-alone.

Profile Management

We also offer an integrated, streamlined method of validating, classifying and tracking a non-employee workforce that mitigates risk and ensures safe, efficient engagement. This includes worker on-/off-boarding and time/expense management for all non-direct employee workers for your facilities.

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