Whether you need to hire just a few professionals, build a robust talent pool, or secure workers for a brand new location, we can handle it with ease. Whatever the size, wherever the location, WorkVī’s scalable Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions have you covered. Our experts can create a personalized and integrated solution, or simply take over your current recruiting operations while making improvements and using your brand to secure the direct hires you need.

By managing all or part of a client’s recruitment process and acting as your internal recruitment function (recruitment through on-boarding and reporting), we bring ideas and best practices that can improve time to hire, enrich the candidate experience, increase candidate quality, provide verifiable metrics, reduce hiring costs and improve compliance.

End-to-End and Supplemental RPO

Simply put: Our end-to-end RPO can transfer some or all of your ongoing recruitment process management to an external third party – WorkVī. Our approach is to design and deliver a program that’s strategically aligned and focused on delivering the very best talent to your organization.

Whether you need a complete end-to-end solution or want to supplement aspects of your internal recruitment processes, our RPO solutions are designed to provide a distinct strategic advantage for your company. We can help you secure timely hires, great candidates, full transparency and compliance—all while enjoying cost containment.

Recruitment Projects

Unlike many other organizations, we also provide short-term recruitment solutions that help you become more flexible and scalable. These end-to-end processes can be deployed and modified quickly, with or without technology, to build your staff.

  • Variable cost structure to flex as needs change: You no longer need to hire recruiters or purchase technology that isn’t used when you’re not hiring full-time employees.
  • Consistent, reliable processes: Create a process that improves quality of hires, reduces costs, ensures legal compliance and reduces time to fill.

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